We Have Created the InLiner

Our patented InLiner is the first lingual aligner ever invented.

It is a removable, completely hidden, non-invasive orthodontic system.

How is this possible ?  Each InLiner© snaps onto customised attachments by vertical insertion. They are removable by hand.

Teeth alignement:  The teeth move in small increments towards their optimum position. It follows a digital predetermined pathway.

Wear the Series

Patients advance the treatment in total autonomy by wearing the series of InLiners. Each set is typically worn for 7 to 10 days.

Efficient Treatments

With proven reliability the benefits of inteeth are numerous, opening up new clinical possibilities for fast and precise treatments.

6D control, really ? : Each arch is numerically optimised with inLiner Studio so that once clipped, it can induce any type of tooth movement.


Did you know that Clear aligner industry generates around 30.000 tons of plastic waste per year? With our unique direct 3D printing process, we save 95% of the plastic!