1-Real Invisibility

InLiners are hidden behind the teeth. Keep your confident smile all along the treatment!


Unlike clear aligners, you can drink any bevrage without need to remove anything.

3-Eat Any food

InLiner© are the first invisible appliance allowing for free diet with no restrictions.

4-Perfect Oral Hygiene

No more stuck food between braces: InTeeth is removable so you can brush and floss normaly.

InLiners allow fluids to circulate: unlike clear aligners, there is no risk of tooth decay nor tooth staining.


InTeeth won't cause irritation and cuts in the mouth like metal braces often do.

6-Money Savings

Save 50% of chair time compared to traditional invisible treatments: you advance the treatment yourself by wearing the series of arches.

Less labour for your orthodontist means lower price for your treatment !

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