Start your treatmenet in JUST A FEW STEPS...

1-Find a doctor

Find the closest doctor to you.

2-First consult

The doctor makes the diagnosis and performs a 3D scan of your teeth.

3-Treatment design

After two weeks, we share the 3D simulation so that you can have a look on your future smile.

4-Second doctor visit

InTeeth is installed in less than half an hour. Insert your first InLiner and your teeth start to move!

Your teeth are aligning right away. Your doctor will make regular follow-up appointments during the treatment.

Let it work

InTeeth covers most of clinical cases, from moderate to severe.

Find a Doctor

Therapeutic advantage

We de-couple forces between neighboring teeth, enabling more efficient tooth pathway.  This results in more effective treatment speed.

InTeeth rigid arch-base ensures anchorage stability (stable force referential) all over the treatment. This results in more precise and predictible treatments.

There are no limitations to induce and/or sequence movements with InTeeth. Our treatment planning strategy exploits new sequencing options to optimize biomechanics for more reliable results.