Created by orthodontists, InTeeth is a new invisible orthodontic technology

We align the teeth using a series of personalised InLiners perfectly fitting the lingual side of the teeth and their attachements

Looking for invisible orthodontic treatment?

InTeeth is a non-invasive, fast and precise new orthodontic technique that can treat most cases, from moderate to severe.

Try smiling with In-Teeth now!


The final price is set by the practitioner and should be comparable to that of clear aligners.

1-InTeeth is REALLY INVISIBLE, hidden behind the teeth.

2-There’s no need to remove the device to drink a coffee or other beverage.

3-InTeeth moves the teeth in new way enabling more efficient tooth pathway.  This results in more reliable and effective treatments.

Normal speech is fully recovered within the first day for some patients; for others, it can take up to two weeks.

No! Inteeth features a non-invasive, smooth anatomical shape that fits perfectly.

InTeeth is a fast treatment technique, generally requiring between 4 and 18 months including refining corrections.

The appliance’s patented connectors enable 6D control: we can move the teeth in any direction of space.